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Ena Vie & Howard Lipp bring their MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA to Europe, Hawaii, Oregon and private gatherings along the West Coast. Stay tuned here and/or contact us to find out when our next gathering may be in a town near you.

Join us for our Sound Healing workshops & Retreats as well as one on one online spiritual guidance sessions with Ena Vie and Howard Lipp. We offer Workshops and Retreats in the US, UK and Europe. We are available for private sessions online. Questions? Send us an email for more information.



"Gorgeous vocal layering, inspiring a deep feeling of divine love and devotion."

LA YOGA Magazine

“Ena Vie skillfully blends pop, acoustic, new age and chant music to create powerful melodies dressed in soothing harmonies. Her lyrical message of unity embeds itself in the listener’s mind, body and soul.”

Women of Substance Radio

Howard Lipp is a producer, recording artist, seasoned session keyboardist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performing artist since childhood. Raised in a conservative Jewish home and community, Howard had many opportunities to cultivate his love of music and GOD. Raised in New York and New Jersey, After studying computer engineering, Howard eventually came to California in his early 20’s to work in the cable television industry with his father. This allowed Howard to continue to play music live and work on his recording projects. After a 15- year career with the startup company he created with his father and brother, Howard took a leap of faith and dove headlong into the music industry to open a recording studio and pursue his greatest  Along the way, he had several bouts with addiction, which eventually led him to medicine work with shamans and healers from Peru, India, and North America. While healing and studying with sound healers and medicine men over the years Howard learned to apply the wisdom he extracted from that time and combined it with his lifelong love of music. Howard took a second leap of faith to pursue the healing aspects of music. He chose to stop working on music that wasn’t healing, positive, fun, or uplifting and began his mission of “healing the world with music.”

ENA VIE is a ceremonialist, singer/songwriter, traveler of life and a woman passionate about honoring the earth and all beings upon it. After spending years living in various countries and cultures, Ena began to weave together her many journeys for truth and connection with Source through the guidance of the many wise elders and teachers who became her mentors in her travels and ultimately, her graduate program. Her research led her to France, where she met a medicine man who introduced her to, and initiated her in, Lakota ceremonies and rituals. After almost 4 years of walking the ‘red road’, and completing her MA in Indigenous Science from Naropa University, Ena returned to LA, CA to deepen her work in music and healing. She recorded her first album with producer and musician, Howard Lipp. After completing the basic tracks, Howard and Ena realized a romance had grown from the deep and healing bonds that they had forged in the studio. They made a trip to Peru together for their mutual healing and medicine work in the jungle of the Amazon. When they returned, they were compelled to share their passion of music and healing beyond the borders of LA, so Ena and Howard took a huge leap of faith, sold most of their belongings and hit the road sharing their MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA. Since April of 2011, they have been traveling and sharing their vision of healing music in a variety of festivals, retreats and venues all over the West Coast, including Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and Europe. 


Ena Vie & Howard Lipp's music has been heard

at Bhakti Fest, Wanderlust, Mystic Garden, Prana Fest, Rudramandir, Bhakti Spring "Ommersion", Yoga Studios all over the West Coast, Centers for Spiritual Living, Unitarian Universalist Churches, Europe, Hawaii and everywhere else they have brought their hearts, music and inspirational sound. Ena Vie and Howard Lipp share their love, healing and joy in the expression of their truest selves, their passion and connection with the divine and through each devotional song shared in shows filled with MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA. They look forward to meeting you in song and in person.

Flower Blossoms


LABEL | Axis Mundi Entertainment 310-426-8409




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